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Evokia is a place where we bring great startups to life.







  • Research & Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Positioning


  • Brand Design & Development
  • On + Offline Customer Experience
  • Key Sales & Marketing Assets


  • Lead Generation & Conversion
  • Sales & Internal Processes
  • Software & IT Solutions



At Evokia we're 100% focused on turning startups from an idea into a reality.

We believe that 'startup is a mindset'.  It doesn't matter how new or how large, as soon as a person or company is ready to make real change, we can help.

1) DISCOVER – Analysis & Planning

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” – B. Franklin

Stop and take some time to think about your business as a whole, the big picture.

See it fresh, from the outside (don’t rely on your gut!). Get in touch with your customers. What do they really think and say about you?

Now you can make those key decisions and lay out a clear plan to grow.

This is how we make sure we’re doing the right things, and get them done.

2) CREATE –Design, Production & Development

“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye” – D. Parker

Follow your plan. How is each step going to be accomplished? Make sure the brief covers all the little details especially deadlines.

Work with your existing vendors or utilize our own network of proven vendors to deliver a great job, in budget and on time.

Each project is set up and managed from start to finish, making sure all the parts seamlessly integrate to create a powerful, end-to-enduser experience.

3) IMPLEMENT – Structure & Processes

“Vision without execution is a day dream. Execution without vision is a nightmare” – Japanese Proverb

Often, the hardest part is executing and maintaining your plan. You need to have the right people and you need the right processes in place to make sure everything is going according to plan.

There is no point in running a national campaign without your sales team fully on board, or setting up on social media without someone to constantly monitor and respond to it.

Even the best battle plan, needs have all the foot soldiers, mechanics and army chefs, follow it to the last detail.

Your customers and staff might not be as positive about your new approach, and you need to clearly communicate with them as well as setting up a specific structure and process to make sure everybody is fully on board.

Capabilities – What we do


Analysis & Planning

  • Market Research
  • Surveys & Focus Groups
  • Digital Audits
  • Business & Marketing Plans
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sales Analysis & Process
  • Brand/Core
    • Concept
    • Strategy & Positioning

Design & Development

  • Core Assets
    • Name/Logo/Identity
    • Online + Offline Presence
  • UI/UX
    • Customer Experience Map
  • Marketing Campaign
    • Multi Channel
    • Integrated B2B & B2C
  • Sales & Marketing Materials:
    • Websites & Applications
    • Brochure/Presentation kits
    • Internal & External Signage

Production & Processes

  • Lead Generation
    • Media Planning & Buying
    • SEO, PPC, ROI Analytics
    • Social/Mobile Media
  • PR & Strategic Partnerships
  • Launch Events
  • Technology & Software Solutions
    • CMS, CRM, SAP, Apps
    • Development, Setup, & Training


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Time for Indulgence - Turning the common scrub into a fashion statement.

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Uniform Apparel Company

Time for Indulgence - Turning the common scrub into a fashion statement.

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The Winning Experience – A memorable event at a beautiful jewelry store.

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The Trust Factor –A web presence that brings out the honesty and direct-style of a local, Canadian lawyer.

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A Modern, fresh look – A beautiful new look both on and offline, with a client experience to match.

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